It is our responsibility to safeguard the salmon's biological needs during the production of our time. We also have a responsibility not to contaminate our surroundings; We will have sustainable production so that we can continue to produce healthy food in cold, fresh water, in wild and beautiful nature - seen in a perspective that extends far beyond our own lifetime.

We work hard to meet and improve the quality of our salmon at every point in the value chain, from roe to finished product. The term quality means not only that the salmon will have the best quality, but also the delivery service for our salmon is included.

This is important for all our employees!
We work every day to reach the highest possible level of quality. Smolt quality is essential; We base our entire production on smolt produced by suppliers with many years of experience in the field.

Our experienced aquaculture experts monitor salmon eating habits and behavior throughout the growing season in the sea. Fish feed is produced from sustainable resources, which provides our salmon with the safe and proper nutrition it needs to grow strong. Veterinarians monitor the salmon health status continuously throughout the production period. It is important for us to work closely with public institutions and follow their instructions to handle all challenges in the best possible way.

In order to maintain the good quality of our salmon, gentle handling and cold temperatures are the key. We handle the fish carefully through slaughter, processing and packing.

And last but not least, we follow strict procedures to ensure food safety.
Dette produktet kommer fra et fiskeri som er sertifisert til Marine Stewardship Council tallet (MSC) miljøstandard for et veldrevet og bærekraftig fiskeri.
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